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+996 773 433 343

We are Coal Miners, and Proud of It

BESH–ARCHA aims to create value and improve lives through sustainable and responsible mining.
height above sea level
Our approach focuses on increasing coal production within existing infrastructure. Each investment not only contributes to enterprise growth and supports our workforce but also serves as the foundation for regional stability and progress.

Simultaneously, we aim to strengthen our position in the Kyrgyzstan coal market through a comprehensive strategy, encompassing:
  • Introduction of innovations
  • Optimization of logistics
  • Establishment of advanced processing plants for enhanced coal quality
  • Commitment to sustainable mining methods
BESH-ARCHA prioritises the guarantee of coal production within agreed volumes, along with timely delivery. Our company values customer trust, long-term cooperation and the development of strong partnerships.
  • 25
    million dollars
    investments in the development of the field, transport infrastructure
  • 185
    thousand dollars annually
    in implementing a social package for the local population
We know how to optimise production with long-term solutions in a cost-efficient manner. Our innovative approach ensures our long-term prosperity. We eagerly anticipate the future with confidence.
efficiency increased
in 2022
We fully recognise our obligations to our employees, society, and the state, and strive to promote the prosperity of Kyrgyzstan and enhance the welfare of its inhabitants.
Tax Contributions
million som
Contributions in 2020
million som
Contributions in 2021
million som
Contributions in 2022
million som
We forecast in 2023
Our Values
  • >519
    coal mine area
  • >250
    team of our specialists